Interior design is the art of creating a specific environment. One which is just right for you,  your tastes, your lifestyle, your budget. Maximizing functionality while creating a beautiful balance of space, light, texture, contrast and color is design. Some of the elements used to create an environment might be a textile, a vintage chandelier, reclaimed beams or a Spanish tile floor. Retailing of these elements of design is sourcing, not design.  Essentially, design is  the relationship between the elements, in concert with the space and in unity with the architecture and the location. Residential clients who contact us to inquire about our services usually state they are seeking us out because “they know exactly what they want but do not know how to achieve it,” or they “have seen a look they like but do not know if it is compatible” with their architecture, their surroundings or their budgets.

Even experienced clients contract design services for the expediency and the savings. These clients simply do not have time in their schedules to oversee projects for themselves. Still others would like a design remix to freshen their nests using primarily existing furnishings. We are delighted by the opportunity to address the design needs of all client types. The creation and documentation of a design … is a map, not the journey. For Perspectives design clients, we first help you define your objectives, then create a comprehensive design plan which meets all  identified goals. This plan is effectively a map for implementing the design.  We provide detailed documentation of the designs and hold presentation conferences to review all selections and locations for finishes, lighting, textiles, furnishings, custom bedding, window treatments, rugs, accessories and art.

In these days of internet sourcing, everything is available to talented researchers. “To the trade only” designer lines of textiles, furnishings, lighting or fixtures no longer applies.  The internet accords homeowners the opportunity to do their own sourcing and purchasing if they so choose. At Perspectives, we work with clients who exercise this option as well as with clients who prefer to contract with us for the purchasing and implementation of their designs. We provide these services for an hourly fee for time invested in project supervision services in addition to a cost plus pricing format for purchases. Other clients select the option to do their own project management, scheduling, purchasing and installations using tradesmen and sources of their own choosing. We continue to provide support to these clients via e-mails, photographs, and occasional on-site conferences. Hourly fees apply.  Some clients request a design plan which is composed from all ‘in stock’ items from local, online or catalog sourcing. We do this via our online design services. Prices: $2.75 per sq ft plus applicable hourly fees.

Building a house is a rewarding but sometimes challenging experience. Getting the dream right, and within budget, can be overwhelming. We provide floor-plan reviews, finish selections and design services for many of our region’s finest builders: their model homes, their neighborhood clubhouses, their spec houses. We offer the same professional services to individuals as well. Perspectives simplifies the  custom home design process by guiding clients in the selection of all the exterior as well as all of the interior finishes and fixtures. There are -quite literally- thousands of decisions to be made. Each of these decisions has an impact on function, appearance and value. Getting it right is a joy, getting it wrong is a heartbreaking experience. Our team believes the homeowner should enjoy the process, keep their excitement and have confidence in the design decisions!

We cannot guarantee a stress-free experience, but we do indentify ‘minimizing stress’ as a primary project objective. Our integrated approach starts with a thorough plans review, tweaking as necessary, finish and fixture selections, furniture plans and defining your design statement. We work closely with your builder to honor allowances, budgets and vendor preferences. Additionally, we provide design co-ordination services with your hardscape of landscape professional in the design of outdoor living rooms, outdoor kitchens, porches, decks, arbors, pergolas and pool houses.


Often there is a lack of understanding in the differences between what is remodeling and what is renovation. Remodeling is a much bigger project -usually including DE-constructing an area of your home before RE-constructing anew or increasing your square footage. In general, a remodeling project includes changing your floorplan or the footprint. How do we do this? We start with an on-site project review: a “space-use analysis” to determine goals and possibilities. Is it best to remodel the kitchen in its current space or is it best to relocate the kitchen to a more social location for home entertaining and interaction? Is the space reasonably sized but so awkward it prevents optimal use? Is the project for an investment flip, a family of five, a social single or a downsizing couple? Every remodeling project must start with identifying functions, aesthetics and budgets.

Following this on-site analysis of the objectives, we begin with the space planning phase of the project. This phase of remodeling is the skeleton of the project: addressing the location, size, configuration, function and traffic flow of the space. Where are windows, doors, access to adjacent spaces? Where are the work zones, the social zones, the private zones?

Once these critical aspects of the project are finalized we enter the design phase of a project: addressing the aesthetics of the space. Is your style Arts and Crafts? Carolina Low Country? Georgian Traditional? Lodge? In the design phase of a project, finish materials, fixtures, lighting, colors and furnishings are defined and specified. Perspectives’ integrated approach to analyze, plan and design results in fabulous, functional spaces which prove to be wise investments as well. THE most important criteria for remodeling your home is to finalize plans before hiring a contractor. Most remodeling projects require a building permit, the talents of a licensed general contractor and a complement of sub contractors. Choosing the right contractor is critical to the success of the project. Having your remodeling project planned before inviting bids guarantees apple2apple2apple bids. Perspectives meets on site with each bidding contractor to review the project, answer questions and ensure adherence to the plans. We believe it is important for you, the home owner, to get the remodel of your dreams. Not the “ideas” of a carpenter. Perspectives does not offer construction services. We do sometimes recommend contractors and we offer liaison services during the construction phase. Prices are quoted per job following the preliminary on-site review. Prices $0.50 – $3.75 per sq. ft.

Renovation is a planned approach to restore, invigorate and update existing spaces. These projects require more design than space planning services. An example might be a client with a home built in the 60’s or 70’s. The house is great; awesome location, good floor plan, lots of windows, good integration of indoor-outdoor living spaces but…flooring, wallpapers, tiles, carpets, plumbing fixtures, countertops, cabinetry, lighting and colors are way past prime. In renovation projects, there is no need to increase square footage or re-assign locations by function. There is a need to  update finishes and style.

Perspectives applies the same thorough integrated design process to our  renovation  projects as we do for clients using our team for new construction or remodeling projects. We strive to optimize your dreams by creating sustainable designs which respect your architecture, your environment, your functional needs, your personal style and your budget. Renovation projects might include the entire house or a single room. Unlike  our remodeling clients, most of our renovation clients are living in their homes while they are being renovated. In addition to developing your renovation plans, we prepare a comprehensive master schedule for the project to prioritize and stage the implementation of the designs. Some projects are done in sequential stages while others must be done in phases over a course of years. Defining short and long term renovation goals is part of the process. Too often we are called to clients who are dismayed to learn previous home investments will be lost to new goals. With a renovations master plan, the losses are minimized. Prices are quoted following  the initial on-site review and the range of services selected.

These days, the influences of HGTV, online décor magazines, diy videos and interactive websites have altered the way designers provide services. Many people ask if we can provide evaluations of their spaces and recommend creative solutions to problems they have identified or make sourcing recommendations. We certainly can! This is not the same level of design service we offer on site, but it is a great fit for select clients. Our online design services are:

  1. Evaluation: we ask online clients to submit 5 photographs of a space: one of each wall and a general room view. We ask you to identify your concern and we advise accordingly. This necessarily is a general, not a specific response. We cannot accurately discern color in a photograph. We can discern if your contrast levels are too high or too low, or if your color balance is off. With good photographs, we can tell if the primary issue is a single aspect of design or a combination of factors. Clients receive an e-mailed response of our evaluation plus a recommendation for addressing the problem(s). Price: $30.00 per room.
  2. Space usage: we ask online clients to submit drawings and measurements of a space they are trying to furnish. It is not sufficient to say my bedroom is 12′-9” x 18′-5” with 9′-0” ceiling height. We have to know where there are windows, what size the windows are, where there are doors or openings or closets. We also need to know what your needs are, is this a dorm room for your triplets or a personal retreat? Once our services have been secured, we send you a data package outlining the process, a measuring guideline and a list of data we will need to assist you in achieving the room of your dreams. We will send you (via e-mail or snail mail) a detailed floor-plan showing scale and placement of all furniture. Price: $125.00 per room.
  3. Sourcing: if you are an online client seeking a room furnishings plan with a purchasing guide for online sourcing, we can help! Once our services have been secured, we send you a data package outlining the process and a list of data we will need to design to your budget. Following this, we will either e-mail or snail mail a design plan with a coded furniture layout and a purchasing list of online sources for every item specified in your plan. These plans can be fairly simplistic – furniture only- or comprehensive with sourcing and recommendations for rugs, art, lamps and accessories. Prices: $250-$2,500 per room.

Custom Commissions:

Perspectives offers design liaison services for those wishing to have custom elements incorporated into their designs. We work with regional (and not so regional) artisans in the design and creation of custom glass work, metal work, railings, windows, inlaid flooring medallions, wood carvings, furniture and paintings. We also source and customize vintage design elements such as gates, grilles, stained glass, sculptures and reclaimed or recycled building materials. Prices: hourly  rate, cost+ pricing.

Purchasing Services:

Perspectives offers purchasing services to select clientele at major design centers.
Prices: hourly fee, cost + pricing.

Custom Workroom Services:

Perspectives has long standing relationships with skilled workrooms for the fabrication of custom window treatments, custom bedding ensembles, custom furniture, upholstery and faux painting services.
Prices: hourly fee, cost + pricing.

Designer Textiles:

Perspectives offers most designer textiles @ 20% below msrp.