Perspectives Interior Design offers creative problem solving services for clients who are constructing, renovating, remodeling, buying, furnishing or just hoping to live well in their spaces. The primary reason for contacting a design professional is to bring experience, creativity and wisdom to one of life’s biggest emotional and financial investments: your home. In nationwide surveys, the number one answer for why clients contracted with designers was, “We know what we want, we don’t know how to achieve it.” The second most documented reason: “This is too important and too expensive to guess!”

At Perspectives, our number one job is to shepherd clients in reaching their objectives for the look, the feel, the function, the experience they have identified; all within budget. As a bonus, most studies indicate those families who contracted professional interior design services saved an average of 20% on their projects.

How do we do this?

At Perspectives, we practice integrated design which embraces and enhances the relationships between architecture, environment, function and aesthetics with the owners interests.

How is this accomplished? We start with an extensive client interview followed by reviews of plans, sites, possible purchases, actual purchases and/or existing elements to be incorporated. (If Granny’s French armoire is to be the new pantry, we need to know.)

As design professionals we are schooled, credentialed and experienced in most genres of architectural and design styles. We think it vital to accept our client’s input –participation in the design process is essential to incorporating their uniqueness to the design. Your space should be the perfect environment for you to shine! Good design achieves a custom fit for you, your life and your interests. Highly individualized space planning and design is our mission. Interior design of your space should be for and about you, not about our talents.

Speaking of talent…

Our design team is headed by Katherine Knox, l.i.d, who brings 25 years of design experience to every project. ‘Katie” is an Interior Design and Space-Planning honors graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. A contributing factor to the success of Perspectives is her inclusion of the practices of space planning and the principles of volumetric art to the design process. Balancing all elements of design with client expression is key in her approach to every project. Additionally, Katie nurtures her artistic core by volunteering her creativity and expertise in set design at several Upstate Carolina community theaters and by participation in art exhibitions or public art projects such as “Fish Out Of Water” in Anderson, SC.